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Francois-Marie Banier, Paris, 1972

This is a portrait I took while on vacation in France of a young author who had taken Paris by storm – and who did not do similarly in The States. Later in life, Banier became (and still is) a very successful fashion and celebrity photographer. He was apparently quite taken with the image, and wrote me a note, unfortunately in French, which I did not understand. But the wife of a friend not only spoke French but also was a photographer. She explained that Banier wanted to use the portrait on the jacket of his next book, and suggested that I charge him $200 to do so. She had made many author photographs for book jackets, and said $200 was the rock bottom rate. Margot wrote the reply for me in French, which I shipped off to Paris. A few weeks later I received another note from Banier, again in French, telling me that he had made a mistake: this was not the photograph he wanted, after all. The French…

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